77th Anniversary Jewelry

We have selected three beautiful items having 4.5 carats of yellow* and white diamonds, almost 1oz. of 14kt white gold. The three items will be the talk of the town with a retail value of $8,075. You can take 1 ticket on the piece you like best and purchase additional tickets to win the other pieces for a complete set!

Remember, the more tickets you purchase, the better your chances of winning are. If you purchase 4 tickets, you get one FREE! The ticket mailed to you will count towards the four. On each ticket you can select which piece of jewelry you wish to win. If no selection is made, it will default to the ring.

A spectacular Diamond Ring with 1.5ct total diamond weight, featuring yellow* and white diamond. The mount is a wide 14kt white gold making this ring a beauty. The retail value is $3,000.

The second prize is a stunning 1.5ct total diamond weight lever black earrings set in 14kt white gold with white and yellow diamonds. Retail value is $2,825.

The third prize is an amazing 1.5ct total diamond weight pendant 14kt white gold with chain with white and yellow diamonds. Retail value is $2,250.

*The yellow diamonds are enhanced.